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Friday 05.06.2020
Top things you should avoid as a trader

Thousands of traders join the Forex market in hopes of making a lot of money.

Trading requires training and discipline. Success is possible and if you want to become a successful trader, you need to put in the hours and work for it.

In this webinar, we will discuss some common mistakes and pitfalls that traders should be aware during their trading journey, so that they can take the necessary steps to overcome them.

Gleb Stepchenko
Wednesday 10.06.2020
How to become a Partner

The webinar is dedicated to Partnership program that we provide, you will learn more about the way how you may cooperate with Justforex as a partner, learn more about the benefits and the ways to attract clients.

Understand how to build a reliable passive source of income!

Gleb Stepchenko
Friday 12.06.2020
PRO guides series:
Advanced scalping approach

In this PRO guides series, we are going to focus on significant improvements of your trading technics, strategies, the capability to make the right decisions, identify profitable market opportunities, etc. The main idea of these guides is to make you one step ahead as a trader and help you to find the edge over the market.

In this webinar, we are going to discuss the way how you may succeed as a scalper. We will explain how to improve your approach and results. The key points to focus on: timing, trading conditions, mindset, trading plan.

Valentyn Lykhoshva
Completed webinars
  • Trading with Moving average indicator

    Upcoming webinar is dedicated to the most popular technical indicator among traders. No matter what market you are trading in – Forex or commodities, moving average will be a great tool that will help you to describe the market situation.

    The webinar will include:
    • Moving averages, types of moving averages and how they are calculated
    • Differences between EMA and SMA, pros and cons
    • How to properly choose period settings
    • Examples of trading tactics and strategies
  • Technical analysis: first steps. Support and resistance lines

    Techical analysis is the pillar of the profitable trading. Support and Resistance lines are two most widely used levels for understanding where the price might go, where to set take profit, or where to cut the loss.

    The webinar will include:
    • How to identify support and resistance levels
    • Price action tips which help to trade levels properly
    • Commonly used chart patterns
  • Secrets of Fibonacci

    On this webinar, we will talk about how to draw and use Fibonacci retracement levels. This tool is used to help you find and determine the specific levels where the price may go.

    The webinar will include:
    • Magic of Fibonacci series
    • The best Fibonacci retracement and extension levels
    • How to use Fibonacci levels to find good trading opportunities
    • How to set Take Profits and Stop Loses using this tool
  • News trading explanation

    We are going to discuss how to get the beneficial results out of the market with the help of fundamental analysis. If you were wondering how it is possible to make a few hundred % in a single trade within a day, this is going to be interesting for you.

    This webinar will include:
    • The introduction to the idea of news trading
    • The importance of using the economical calendar
    • Explanation about the most promising market opportunities
    • Practical examples of trading with news reports
  • Risk management basics

    You are tired of blowing your account again? Another stop out? Today we will discuss how to achieve, how to improve your trading using proper Risk management.

    The webinar will include:
    • How to calculate proper position sizing before opening a trade
    • What is risk per trade and how professionals deal with that
    • Stop Loss as an effective tool to control the risks
  • Introduction to Indexes trading

    At this webinar we will explain what is index and what indexes you may trade.

    You will understand what is the difference between trading currencies and indexes.

    We will talk about most popular indexes and opportunities they provide.

    Discuss the ways of proper trading indixes.

  • Trading strategy based on candlestick patterns

    We will discuss the trading strategy based on candlestick patterns, you will learn more most widely used patterns mainly such patterns as engulfing, pin bar.

    Examine the zones where we should look for the patterns to increase the probability in our favor.

  • Earning season

    In this webinar, we are going to discover an amazing opportunity to trade stocks market with the help of earnings reports.

    We will find out all the important details about the earnings season and discuss the ways of using this opportunity to get beneficial results.

    We will talk about the earning season, the schedule, and the ways of trading during companies reports time.

  • Trading strategy with RSI indicator

    The RSI technical indicator is considered to be one of the most common in the Forex market.

    The objective of the RSI indicator is to measure the change in price momentum.

    On the webinar, we will discuss how to use the RSI indicator to trade with the trend and improve your winning rate, RSI extremes, breakout confirmations and much more.

  • Getting better in trading with MACD indicator

    Have you ever wondered how to improve your trading strategy and get the best results out of the market?

    Here is the ultimate guide to the MACD indicator, which is going to level up your technical trading approach.

    It is one of the most used indicators by traders all over the world and in this webinar, we will discuss how to use it properly.

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